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by Jonathan Murat Guenak, Peter Maximilian Wibbe, Moritz Stegers, Frederic Rupprecht (Singapore)

Youstamp Team
Youstamp Team

Youstamp is a revolutionizing IT-Startup of 4 German exchange students from Singapore Management University that intents to change the way people buy their food and communicate about it. In our face paced globally connected society, loyalty has increasingly played a key role to business success and competitive advantages. Therefore, Youstamp produces a platform where retailer and customer meet, communicate, and share their experiences.

Everybody knows restaurants he or she prefers over others, restaurants he or she would recommend to friends and relatives – restaurants ones love. And those same restaurants love you. This is why Youstamp makes being loyal more fun by rewarding valuable customers and helping restaurants find real fans – Youstamp is a state-of the art smartphone App that is fun, efficient, and simple.

By pursuing this vision, Youstamp allows its users to gather all their local and analog stamp cards in one single smartphone application: Loyal customers with the Youstamp App scan a unique QR-code each time they make a purchase in their beloved restaurants, consequently, tracking their loyalty by virtually stamping their digital stamping card. Now, as all this happens digitally on the smartphone – friends will immediately learn via Facebook connect and Youstamp friends about your loyal activities, thus, enticing additional customers for the restaurant. In return for using Youstamp, users receive discounts and rewards on future purchases to redeem their loyalty – its that simple!

In short, customers benefit in the following three ways:

1. Loyalty Reward – Get free stuff from restaurants you love.
Our customers keep on doing what they have done all their life – eat at restaurants they love, but now they get rewarded for staying loyal! On top, our customers have all their loyalty cards in one single App! That‘s awesome!

2. Promotions -Get to know new restaurants.
Every participating restaurant is prominently visible in our integrated Google maps overview, integrated with location based notification service.

3. Daily Deals – Receive personalized offers.
As YouStamp precisely learns about customers‘ preferences, restaurants can send personalized offers to a relevant target group.

At the same time, restaurants benefit due to six key features:

1. Loyalty
Acquire new regular customers…

2. Analysis
Learn about your customers (preferences, trends,…)

3. Personalized Offering
Attract customers with personalized offers and products…

4. Go Mobile
Be visible, searchable, findable mobile – be where your customers are!

5. Social Media
Benefit from word-of-mouth recommendation (Facebook, Twitter,…)

6. Online to Offline
Market restaurant’s offline business online! Follow the trend: Search online – buy offline!

For further information on technical details and financial prospects, please watch our corporate movie at or contact us at

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